Sunday, 27 June 2010

with the two characters here, i used black acrylic ink to draw and paint them. then i scanned them into my computer before adding the lines in the background for the scenery behind them, and also put in a grey line to make it look like the two people are in seperate places.

Vampire Bite!

to do this image i drew out the image very faintly in pencil first then used black acrylic ink to add the greyscale of the picture. once i had finished all the details, i wen over the image with a black brush pen.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Dodgems anyone?....

title says it all really. My favourite ride at the funfair!

Gardeners world magazine

the article for these images were based on allotments for garderners and they prepare themselves for the winter.

some promotional cards and flyers i designed for a bar. i used white and purple for the colours because that is the colours in the bar itself and also on the logo.

Movie Posters

these two posters were made from mono printing. for the wickerman i used four different prints. one being the wickerman himself and the other three being the flames behind him, which i put behind each on photoshop to get a raging flames effect.

Packaging labels

these are labels designed for specific 'smoothie' drinks. i used a mixture of inks, watercolours and food dye to paint the fruit. i then edited the colours and added the text on photoshop.

MacMillan's Children's book spreads

these are finished double page spreads based on a story i chose to write about a crow and a kitten, which is also the name of the book. the story shows the crow and the kitten becoming friends and the crow trying to teach the kitten how to be like him.